Dear Sainsbury’s

Dear Sainsbury’s,

Thank you for building a new “in-town” store immediately opposite our offices in Marlow, where Waitrose used to be…I am already eagerly anticipating:

  • Scanning your shelves for the latest and greatest in the world of FMCG – this will be strategic shopping in its most convenient form ever!
  • Being able to respond to the “can you pick up milk / bread / grog / dinner for 12 on the way home” 5.30pm text message without those unwanted feelings of vexed inconvenience tinged with resentment
  • Buying your Swiss Fondue which, although deeply under-trading in the authenticity of the Emmi version I can get from Ocado, I prefer

Thank you Sainsbury’s, for your polite letters keeping us up to date with how your building works are getting on. It’s good to know that you’re on-track and that you’ll be opening at the end of November.

Brand touchpoint, positively touched. Good one.

I do suspect that your courtesy hails from multiple previous bad experiences with out-raged local residents from which you’ve learned the art of damage limitation, but it’s appreciated nonetheless.

And thank you for giving us peep-hole windows – at both adult height and child height – in the colourfully boarded up front façade, so that we can peer in and see your progress for ourselves. An unnecessary, but very nice touch.

And I suppose I should also thank Waitrose on your behalf.

If they hadn’t forgotten to renew their lease (what a cock-up):

  • You wouldn’t have been able to snap up this prime site
  • They wouldn’t have had to move down the road to a lesser but nonetheless acceptable site.
  • You wouldn’t have been able to knock down everything but the listed façade to build something much bigger and better
  • And the residents and employees of Marlow wouldn’t now be looking forward to being able to choose between the two of you.

Everyone’s a winner!

Except Waitrose, or more specifically the bod who forgot to renew the lease.

Thanks Sainsbury’s



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