Dear Kronenbourg 1664

Dear Kronenbourg,

Thank you for the second instalment of your “Slow the Pace” positioning:

I thanked you here for your first foray into this positioning territory and a year or so on, it still feels like a good place for you to be…

Is it me or are things getting slightly more surreal? Suggs seems a little distracted to me…perhaps it’s the levitating saxophonist…

I’d be curious to see to what extent perceptions of the brand have shifted (the long-view), but more importantly what the impact on sales has been (the short-view).

At the very least you can congratulate yourself on muscling San Miguel – who I thanked here – off this plot of positioning real estate…and without having to call in the bailiffs.

To be fair, San Miguel did seem slightly less committed to defending their patch than some of the activists and residents of Dale Farm near Basildon, but I guess it’s an achievement nonetheless.





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