Dear Bonne Maman

Dear Bonne Maman,

Thank you for being one of those brands whose low value packaging people want to keep.

OK, so people have been keeping jam jars to put their odds and ends in for donkey’s years, but nonetheless, you’re the current preferred option – in our household at least (’tis the season of mists and plenty – which means jam making).

And Google Images reveals lots of other people are at it too:

Of course there are many other food brands that pull off this, but no one has succeeded in getting the subtle balance that you have.

Identifiably branded but not brash.

The Gu ramekins are all well and good, but after a while they lose their distinctiveness and when they start water-falling out of the duff cupboard, frankly, they become a pain in the neck.

The Cadbury’s Fingers Tins of old, held a certain degree of charm (as well as excellent resale value as a secondary pencil-case for school-agers with an art class to attend) and were certainly less brash than their modern-day replacement:

But you, Bonne Maman, are not brash.

Nor are you forgettable, despite – or rather because of – that fact you use that gingham pattern.

Which is after all the generic semiotic code for all things artisanal, homely and generally twee.

Which is why people want to keep you. And not just for food.

Maybe it’s that wide-necked hexagonal shape.

Or maybe it’s just that people aspire to the premium quality of your jam and believe that some of your homely credentials will rub off on them as they proudly hand-over whatever runny sticky concoction they’ve managed to create.

Whatever it is, your brand keeps on communicating, long-after your label has been soaked off.

Which is to be admired.

Thanks again



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