Dear Cadbury Creme Egg

Dear Cadbury Creme Egg,

Thank you for finally, finally, finally escaping the shackles of Easter…

Now you’re about Easter and Hallowe’en:

Alleluia! / Abracadabra!

When I saw your Screme Egg, somewhat to the surprise of the bloke at the garage, I let out an audible sigh of relief on your behalf.

At last you’ve found something that not only feels different, but it also feels right for you.

I’ve looked on at all your past efforts to free yourself from the limiting burden of Easter and they’ve never quite felt right:

OK for Creme Egg lovers who want your taste outside the Easter season, but it’s got cannibalisation of the other countlines in your portfolio written all over it.

Sure, but this is about the egg format and the Dairy Milk & Caramel brands, not the Creme Egg brand. And it’s still an Easter proposition – more cannibalisation.

There must be a market for this but how, I really cannot understand. But if there’s a market, you’re right to milk it…

But with the Screme Egg, it really feels like you’re on to something.

I’m not sure I’ll be buying you myself (“the goo’s gone green” is a bit of a turn-off and I’m not really a fan of the product anyway), but I hope you repeat the success of last year’s trial in Asda.

I also hope there’s some compelling brand activation work to come – I’m watching this space.

Thanks Cadbury Creme Egg.



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