Dear Radiohead

Dear Radiohead,

Thank you for OK Computer.


You’re back on my Playlist with a vengeance!

I don’t really think I can add anything to the “people / celebrities / groups are brands” theorem that has been blundering on since what seems like forever…well, since…

…Other than to let out a long, jaded and tired sigh.

Having said that, I do find it mildly aggravating when – usually on Radio 4 on the Today program – some commentator or ill-qualified “expert” who’s actually on the program to talk about something else, proudly exclaims something like “Well of course David Beckham is a brand” as though they’ve just revealed the meaning of life.

I don’t mind them thinking it. I don’t even really mind them saying it. It’s true. It’s just the messianic tone that gets to me.

Maybe I’m imaging the whole thing…and also, I’ve drifted from my point.

Which is to thank you Radiohead for OK Computer.

And for being innovative.

Your “Pay what you like” preliminary digital download launch of In Rainbows was marketing genius.

But back to OK Computer. Sit back and enjoy:

Nice teeth Thom.

Thank you Radiohead..



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