Dear Timberland

Dear Timberland,

Thank you for your Timberland Earthkeepers sub-brand.

Clear proposition, creatively articulated:

Nice…and “global” to boot. (Sorry.)

And whoever wrote this…

…is clearly a genius. Give them a pay-rise. Or  a bonus. Or something else they want.

Thank you for showing us that it is worth going back to the drawing board – you’ve come on leaps and bounds (sorry) since:

And your new articulation also ties nicely in with:

Actually, I think your brand architecture (or rather “Collections” Architecture) is a bit of a mess – i.e. it’s hard to navigate (doesn’t give me the signposts I need to find what I want) and is confusing (what’s the difference between The Timberland Boot Company and Heritage for instance?).

And finally thank you for providing me with my footwear of choice for the past 12 years:

It’s a toss-up between you and my Adidas Sambas, but points lost for lack of packability are countered by all round versatility.

The Sambas make me feel kinda Brazilian old-skool cool…

…entirely erroneously and utterly implausibly on every level.

But you make me feel like a streetwise mountaineering hip-hopping lumberjack – and who doesn’t want to feel like that?

However equally implausible that might be?

Thanks Timberland.



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