Dear Eat

Dear Eat,

Thank you for “delighting” me with your originality this morning.

Now I’m pretty much always pleased to see you – usually either before or after a meeting, when your simple but lovely food and drink really hits the mark.

But this morning you really excelled yourself. (Or perhaps it was just the manager of the outlet where I was. To be honest it doesn’t matter.)

Having ordered my decaf Americano, I was invited to roll the dice on a tray in front of me.

My quizzical and bleary eyed expression was enough to elicit more detail:

“Roll a 6 and the coffee’s free.”

I rolled a 4.

But the guy in front of me had rolled a 6 and looked as pleased as punch.

Beaming from ear to ear, he was.

Which lifted my spirits to the extent that my 5.55am alarm almost seemed acceptable.

Thanks for that, and thanks for such an ingenious promotion / piece of customer engagement.

Call it what you will, odds of 1 in 6 seem pretty good to me – especially for something I was willing to pay for anyway.

And thanks for confirming my brand faith in you.




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