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Dear Nando’s

Dear Nando’s,

Thank you for this ad, which makes me smile and has had me whistling joyfully for about 3 hours now:

Now I know that you’ve had to withdraw the ad on account of death threats to your staff from some Mugabe loyalists – which is no laughing matter – but from the safe distance of sunny Marlow, it’s a joy to behold.

Perhaps it was you that tipped the balance and convinced Kim Jong Il to hang up his Elvis suit?

And thanks for the Portuguese cricket idents that you brought us back in 2005 during the 2005 Ashes Series, which as I recall, was nothing short of spectacular.

“Gooch” is my favourite.

Thanks again



Dear Bell’s

Dear Bell’s,

Thank you for reminding me that when it comes to branding, a great place to start is with a good old metaphor.

In your case, a “tumbler orchestra” to represent the concept of blending.

Neat. (Sorry)

Metaphors are like brands in many ways in that they provide a shortcut to a whole heap of “meaning”.

Metaphors, like brands, can make things clearer and simpler or just more emotionally engaging in the descriptive value that they add.

So thanks Bell’s…lovely to see a stalwart branding principle in action.

But – IMHO (and portfolio considerations aside) – it is a shame that you executed your metaphor in the way that you did.

Too upbeat and too much smug jocularity for my liking.

OK, OK, Axel F is a brilliant tune that everyone loves, but much as I like Axel Foley, I’m not sure I would want to sit down and have a whisky with him. Detective Billy Rosewood, perhaps, but not Axel.

If only you’d done something a bit more like what Skoda did:

Now I’m not sure the harmony metaphor works for Skoda here…and who wants to buy a car made out of glass?…but boy have they executed the ad beautifully.

It’s somewhat ironic:

Bell’s: Nice idea, poorly executed.

Skoda: Poor idea, nicely executed.

You should get together – over a drink perhaps.

And finally thanks to both Bell’s and Skoda for making me smile at the thought of the flurry of emails that I imagine to have been sent with the title along the lines of: Have you seen what those b@stards at [INSERT BELL’S / SKODA as appropriate] have done?