Dear Bell’s

Dear Bell’s,

Thank you for reminding me that when it comes to branding, a great place to start is with a good old metaphor.

In your case, a “tumbler orchestra” to represent the concept of blending.

Neat. (Sorry)

Metaphors are like brands in many ways in that they provide a shortcut to a whole heap of “meaning”.

Metaphors, like brands, can make things clearer and simpler or just more emotionally engaging in the descriptive value that they add.

So thanks Bell’s…lovely to see a stalwart branding principle in action.

But – IMHO (and portfolio considerations aside) – it is a shame that you executed your metaphor in the way that you did.

Too upbeat and too much smug jocularity for my liking.

OK, OK, Axel F is a brilliant tune that everyone loves, but much as I like Axel Foley, I’m not sure I would want to sit down and have a whisky with him. Detective Billy Rosewood, perhaps, but not Axel.

If only you’d done something a bit more like what Skoda did:

Now I’m not sure the harmony metaphor works for Skoda here…and who wants to buy a car made out of glass?…but boy have they executed the ad beautifully.

It’s somewhat ironic:

Bell’s: Nice idea, poorly executed.

Skoda: Poor idea, nicely executed.

You should get together – over a drink perhaps.

And finally thanks to both Bell’s and Skoda for making me smile at the thought of the flurry of emails that I imagine to have been sent with the title along the lines of: Have you seen what those b@stards at [INSERT BELL’S / SKODA as appropriate] have done? 




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