Dear Saga

Dear Saga,

Thank you for reminding me that the old adage that, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, doesn’t really apply when it comes to the world of marketing and branding.

Sure it’s nice for Virgin Atlantic that you’ve – how shall I put it – allowed yourself to be influenced by their ad…albeit with a different tone. (Not to mention service package – chauffeur service etc)

And, I suppose it’s good for them to be in a “healthy” competitive market with other brands keeping the category on its toes (although which Marketing Director, in their heart of hearts, wouldn’t prefer a monopoly if they could get away with it without blame, guilt or retribution?)

But flattery leads to vanity, and vanity leads to pride and pride leads to arrogan…oh.

Well, anyway, arrogance leads to hubris (and which brand wants to risk that, by for example promising that they’re going to offer orbital human space travel, despite the enormous risks and hitherto unproven technol…oh.)

Anyway, thanks Saga. The way I see it, you haven’t got much to lose from riding on Virgin Atlantic’s brand coat-tails.

They have, but you haven’t.



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