Dear First Choice


Dear First Choice,

Thank you for the clarity of your proposition – there’s zero ambiguity in your “The home of all inclusive” proposition – and for giving me a bit of a laugh with your latest ad:

Thank you for taking the plunge (sorry) and nailing your colours to the all inclusive mast.

OK, I know that 60% of your holidays were all inclusive anyway, and the choice was made easier by the fact that you’re part of TUI Travel group and have the Thomson brand…but nonetheless, I admire your bravery.


And thanks for dramatising the consumer journey.

As workshop exercise, mapping out the consumer journey and its magic and miserable moments is always highly revealing. It’s often the miserable moments that prove to be the most illuminating when it comes to generating new ideas and service improvements, but I can understand why you left those to one side here.

And thanks for reminding me of the latest moneysupermarket ads – I thanked them here – even if it does highlight a slightly worrying trend in me connecting with middle-of-the-road-family-man-does-something-slightly-out-of-the-ordinary type of advertising.

Bulging with unjustified and biased pre-conceived ideas, before I’d seen your latest ad, I would have proclaimed that an all inclusive holiday was not up my street. No way. But now…maybe. So thanks for helping me reconsider and reassess my prejudices – it feels good.

Thanks again,



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