Dear Lucozade

Dear Lucozade,

Thank you for having a go.


As Danish physicist Niels Bohr somewhat sarcastically noted, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future”, so I’m not going to nail my colours to the mast, but I’m not as convinced as Mark Ritson over at Marketing Week, that you’re doomed to failure.

Cola and carbonates are back in growth, and in an age where so much NPD is tested to death and is deemed to be a failure before it has even been launched (usually on account of somewhat optimistic action standards), it’s refreshing (sorry) to see your willingness to take on the big boys.

You may well enter the ever expanding pantry cupboard of failed NPD ultimately but as [INSERT NAME OF ANY ONE OF NUMEROUS BUSINESS / BRAND GURUS], rightly said [INSERT THEIR VERSION OF QUOTE ABOUT HOW YOU HAVE TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO FAIL IN ORDER TO SUCCEED], until you try something, you just don’t know.

Thanks again



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