Dear VW

Dear VW,

Thank you for introducing us to The Bark Side – your Superbowl 2012 teaser (over 7m+ hits on YouTube already) – and for putting a big smile on my face this morning:

(Big thanks to Andrew G. for sending me the link.)

For The Bark Side to make sense, I think people really need to have seen this (49m+ hits), from last year:

…which I thanked you for here.

(I also thanked you here, here, here and here…You seem to have earned a lot of my gratitude!)

Also want to thank Lynx (Axe) for using the “teaser” technique for their latest foray (this time, literally going after women) into the market, Lynx Attract…which officially goes on sale in the UK today.

Nothing will ever be the same again is quite a bold statement.

The Lynx Brand Key will probably never be the same again, might be a little less ambitious – just to start with anyway…

Thanks again



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