Dear Sainsbury’s

Dear Sainsbury’s,

Thank you for demonstrating the value of the human touch…and the short-comings of automated systems.

It’s all over Facebook (125,494 Likes and 40,918 Shares), albeit with a dose of cynicism from a minority of quarters about it being an orchestrated viral campaign.

But I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt – I think this is great stuff:

Very nice human touch.

But imagine my chagrin, when this waste of time was spewed out at me at the self check-out before Christmas.

I know the pennies count.

And I admire your Live well for Less proposition (as I pointed out as I was thanking Lego, here).

But honestly.

Please. Don’t. Waste. My. Time!

Thank you



One thought on “Dear Sainsbury’s

  1. Richard

    £0.01 laughable..
    Richards shopping Pro Tip:
    Save cash when buying apples in the supermarket by removing the stalks to reduce the weight. You’ll be smiling all the way to the checkout on your 176th visit as you effectively claim your free apple.


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