Dear Heinz

Dear Heinz,

Thank you for showing how ethnographic research can come into its own with your Heinz Beanz fridge packs.

It’s perhaps not as “hip” as real-time online co-creation (effectiveness yet to be proven in my book), so thanks for showing that poking about in actual people’s real fridges can be a wonderful source of genuine insight – that can be applied to both innovation and communication.

Yes it’s a simple idea, but the best ones often are.

And thank you for taking a little poetic license with the execution. Baked beans in a Toby Jug? About as likely as some of the “tuning” on show in yet-another-in-the-fantastic-and-never-ending-line of VW ads from a few years back:

And thanks to both you Heinz and VW for choosing such great soundtracks. Especially the VW track.

Mawkish and macabre as it may have been, thinking back to Simon Bates’ Our Tune feature (Radio 1, mid-80s), brings a smile to my face. As does Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo & Juliet for which Nino Rota’s Love Theme should, um, perhaps more properly, errr, be remembered.

Thanks again



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