Dear Dyson,

Dear Dyson (or should that be Mr Dyson…or perhaps just James?),

Thank you for showing, once again, the power of differentiation, with your Dyson Hot.

It’s an extraordinary, weird but beautiful – almost sculptural (Barbara Hepworth?) – looking thing:

OK, not beautiful, but pretty cool.

Well hot actually. Without you, the past few weeks where it has barely got above zero, would have been no fun at all.

Thank you for all the excellent new technology…and for taking the time to explain it.

To be honest the basic gist (AirMultiplier Technology – which sounds good) and my awareness of all the products that you’ve launched in past (i.e. your brand), were more than enough to convince me to part with around 5 times as much cash for you, than the nearest comparable product.

But that’s the point.

You’re not comparable.

You’re better.

You’re different.

Which is why you can charge what you do and leave the rest of the pack to be cheaper.

Thanks again…I never thought I would be proud of a fan heater sitting in the corner of the room. But I am.




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