Dear Kraft (again)

Dear Kraft (again),

Thank you for continuing to amaze me with your launch of Philadelphia with Chocolate (for which I thanked you previously here)

Your  faith in inverse psychology is puzzling, to say the very least.

I just don’t get it.

But thanks for making me smile when I imagine what Jennifer Saunders’ reaction might have been upon receiving the script…something along the lines of: “So you want me to talk about how disgusting your product is and that’s how you’re going to get people to try it, right? OK. You’re the boss.”




One thought on “Dear Kraft (again)

  1. Leo Field

    Nice one haha I know it’s making people try it though, apparently it’s very nice. It’s almost the most ridiculous but obvious thing that could come out of a Kraft Cadbury take-over; like they are slapping everyone in the face. Very good.


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