Dear Somersets

Dear Somersets,

Thank you for reminding me that as a consumer, I should not let myself be blinded by universality and omnipresence.



Gillette may be everywhere and claim to be the best I can get (I am a big fan of their Fusion razor blades, apart from when I have to to buy them, taking out a mortgage so to do), but for me, your Somersets Original Shaving Oil is an infinitely superior product.

Now I admit that I have not sampled any other shaving oils, so it might just be a generic category benefit, but boy do I get a close shave with you. And a fresh tingly feeling. Both of which I like.

Thank you for showing us how – in the absence of pots of cash to burn on the likes of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry – to use packaging to communicate.  What a fantastic set of messages, all of which give me very clear reasons to buy.

I like you a lot, but I’m not 100% convinced that rowing and Henley-on-Thames – lovely as it is – are sufficiently compelling to hang a brand idea off.

Having said that, it makes a certain sense (as it’s where you’re from / rowers need to shave), no doubt plays well internationally (where potential confusion relating to Henley-on-Thames not being Somerset matters not a jot) and it gives you something slightly more lifestyle-like and aspirational than an image-bank sourced bloke standing in front of a mirror half-way through a great shave.

And finally thanks for being small, and as such, airport security friendly. Who wants to take a big can of foam in their hold luggage, let alone their hand luggage?

Thanks again




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