Dear Cesar

Dear Cesar,

Thank you for making me look twice with your Films on 4 “ident” which accompanied the trailer for The Last Exorcism.

I was only half watching and for a second, I thought I was watching one of your ads…your bold and shiny logo caught my eye, you see.

And boy was I momentarily impressed with the bravery of the Marketing Director that I believed had overseen such a radical repositioning. Not quite such a sweet doggy-woggy after all.

But then I realised what was actually going on and had a good chuckle to myself.

Overall, I think that your series of idents are OK:

But it does all feel a little bit “forced”. Especially as every member of the “crew” appears to be the doting owner of the same on-brand (but with a different name) Westie…

Now I’m all for idents, but only when they’re a good fit or strategically sound.

Seven Seas sponsorship of iTV weather is a great example of getting it right.

People watch the weather daily, people take supplements daily (well actually they don’t, but they should, and Seven Seas want them to).

People get run down in the winter, people take supplements to keep themselves feeling fit and healthy.

People feel energetic and sprightly in the summer, Seven Seas Health Oils help people feel energetic and sprightly.

A great fit.

And with the current ident borrowing from the traditional 30-sec ad campaign of late last year, the brand memory structures created at that point are reinforced and reinvigorated too.

So thanks Cesar, not only for giving me a laugh, but also making me think about the various pros and cons of idents / program sponsorship.




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