Dear Sainsbury’s, easyJet & Nectar,

Dear Sainsbury’s, easyJet & Nectar,

Thank you for casting “confused bloke” in your latest very clever conceit of an ad – he doesn’t have to do much, but he does it brilliantly:

Less is most definitely more.

It’s often the case in ads that the slightly-better-than-average-looking-but-nonetheless-dimwitted bloke/Dad is portrayed as frustrating or being easily out-smarted by an eye-brow-raising-multi-tasking-super-popular-trim-figured-glossy-but-practical-haired woman/Mum.

So thanks for not going down that well-trodden road and just giving us a plain old confused bloke. The advertising archetypes are there, but they’re interacting in a different way. Which makes for a refreshing change.

And thanks for branding the ad so skilfully – all 3 brands stand out and are clearly memorable once the 30 seconds are up…a deft touch.

Thanks again,



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