Dear Hamlet

Dear Hamlet,

Thank you for your wonderful Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet adverts – they are advertising gold:


Like Fawlty Towers, you look unbelievably dated now, but the actual content is sublime.

Despite enjoying your ads (not to mention admiring the ingenuity of the post TV advertising ban work by Silk Cut and Benson & Hedges), I fundamentally believe that the war on tobacco communication has been, and continues to be, a very good thing.

I also concur with those that have argued in favour of the tobacco display ban that are coming in now, on the grounds that displaying cigarettes near to things like chocolate and crisps makes smoking seem like an everyday part of life…which in the interests of the health of the nation, it shouldn’t be.

Having said that, I’m less convinced by the rumoured plain packaging legislation, as I think that opens up a whole world of black-market and counterfeit crime which is damaging in a totally different, but equally impactful, way.

So anyway, thanks Hamlet, for the good old days, for making me want to listen to J. S. Bach’s Air on a G-string in full, and for giving me a laugh.

So long.



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