Dear Ikea

Dear Ikea,

Thank you for showing us the glorious simplicity of insight based problem-solution innovation.

You see a problem, you solve a problem.

This time with Uppleva – an IKEA TV.

Simple. Practical. Functional.

I want it.

I know I’ll never get it.

The creative director of my household prefers stuff that’s old, impractical, totally unfit for purpose, but that looks like it’s got a story or two to tell…as do I, if truth be told.

But I want Uppleva all the same.

All that simplicity, practicality and functionality is beguiling.

Head says yes. Heart says no.

Please can you do a version that looks like it’s been rescued from a skip in Bradford-upon-Avon or Cheltenham or somewhere like that?

And thanks for re-running your glorious Kitchen spot, here in the full 3 minute version.


Thanks again.



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