Dear Weetabix

Dear Weetabix,

Thank you for being one of the FMCG brands that appears to have thought beyond the “let’s just get the design agency to whack a few Union Jacks onto our usual packs and call it a special Limited Edition” approach to our summer of Britishness.

Cheap (sorry, efficient). Clever. On brand. Relevant. Nice.

And I do likes a pun.

Thanks also to:

And although, not a pun:

I do likes a bit of retro design.

When it comes to celebrating the Jubilee, the list of brands that fall into the “ugggghhhh…c’mon, couldn’t you have tried just a little bit harder?” category is pretty exhaustive, which make  rays of sunshine like Weetabix, Marmite, Kingsmill (and Kellogg’s) all the more impactful.

Thanks again








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