Dear Hailo

Dear Hailo,

Thank you for rescuing us from our broken down train as we were on our way to see Coldplay at The Emirates the other night.

We got there on time.

And – as expected – it was amazing.

Sorry to sound like a smug git, but you really had to be there to appreciate the awesome spectacle of 70,000 neon bracelets flashing in unison.

This could be para-para-para-dise, Whooooa-oohhh-oh-oh-ohhhhh-oh-oh. 

Check out someone’s posting on YouTube for just a sense of what it was like:

But enough of that, what I really wanted to do was to thank you, Halo, for being an app that really gets it. Unlike the majority of the other (admittedly free) zillions of apps clogging up my iPhone.

Thank you for understanding both what people want and how to get it to them. The first without the second is just a waste of time.

Now (apparently) there are loads of cab apps out there, but where you’ve hit the spot so sweetly, is by understanding that you have two separate user groups – the punters and the cabbies.

For punters you’re great – in theory. Press a button. Black cab appears on the curb side right next to you moments later. Amazing.

But to make that happen – in reality – you need lots of cabbies signed up to your service.

Which you’ve done by creating a separate, but connected, app for the cab drivers with loads of other built-in tools for cabbies to use in downtime – communicating with other Hailo cabbies, creating a personal log book to set financial goals each week, and sharing information about traffic.

Happy cabbies + Happy punters = Happy times. I hope.

Thanks again Hailo.



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