Dear VW (once again),

Dear VW,

I know, I know, I’ve thanked you before and easily more than any other brand (here), but I just have to thank you again for your most recent Polo advertising – which is absolutely brilliant:

With an unhealthy dose of un-insightful garbage out there, it’s such a joy when brands like you manage to do something that actually connects with real people. Me being one of them.

OK, I am somewhat biased.

I’m the Dad of a daughter – which means I do and fully anticipate doing all those things in the ad.

(Including – and most importantly for you – buying my daughter a Polo in the future.)

I’m a big fan of yours anyway.

And I tend to well-up when watching DIY SOS, so it’s not hard to twang my heartstrings.

But nonetheless, the ad is a wonderful thing and it doesn’t matter a jot that it’s similar to the John Lewis ad about which I posted when thanking Bupa here.

No doubt you’ve seen the latest dancing animal drivel from Volvic Touch of Fruit and shared my exasperation at the total lack of reality:  gallingly made-up / fake summer mountain scenery; CGI dancing squirrels & hedgehogs; generically good-looking (poor acting) couple straight from the pages of Getty Images…


Thank goodness you’re out there VW, doing your stuff so brilliantly and so insightfully.

Thanks again VW.



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