Dear Smart

Dear Smart,

Thank you for showing us all how to do it when it comes to turning a Twitter “heckle” into an opportunity:

It’s always great when a stand-up comic manages to turn a heckle to their comic advantage, and I love the way you’ve managed to do it here.

Thanks must also go to one my favourite – albeit geeky and american-biased – blogs I love charts where I first saw this.

Their book is on my wish list, to accompany the wonderful Information is Beautiful.

Seeing opportunities in the face of “adversity” is great brand management…Puts me in mind of the Service Recovery Model – although I’m not seeing many Red Carpet noises coming out of RBS just now…

There’s something rather pleasing about the conversion of a brand critic into a brand advocate through the solving their problem quickly, efficiently and without question. And it happens quite a bit ‘cos even good brands make mistakes from time to time. Which is nice.

Who knows whether Clayton Hove is now a Smart brand advocate, but thanks for giving me a chuckle.

Thanks again




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