Dear Google nexus7

Dear Google nexus7,

Thank you for giving me a quandary – not knowing whether to hate, Hate, HATE your “Dad & son camping trip” ad, or love, Love, LOVE you for it, is keeping me on my toes.

The ad is particularly relevant to me as, this weekend, my 4-year-old daughter and I (with a couple of other Dads and daughters) are embarking on a camping trip of our own.

Utter folly.

Especially given the meteorological outlook.

It’s easier to start with why I hate your ad:

  • A camping trip should be about escaping technology, long-lasting human interaction and getting back to nature – jus’ like the good ol’ days. Not playing Angry Birds or watching cartoons (or whatever)
  • It’s bogus. Bedtime story on an iPad (sorry nexus7)? Bogus. Dinosaur in the sights of the binos? Bogus. So bogus in fact that I was half expecting to see the adventurous pair frying an egg on their iPad (sorry nexus7)
  • Any self-respecting Dad – especially one techy enough to own an iPad (sorry nexus7) – would not have such a crap tent
  • That optimistic music. Again! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!. I suggest that you and Apple just join forces, buy the same tunes and both save yourselves some cash
  • You’re advertising the tablet category, not the brand. OK, I get the “Playground is open”, but what makes your playground better than Apple’s?
  • There will be no WiFi / 3G where we’re going

Reasons why I love your ad:

  • I now want an iPad (sorry nexus7)

Thanks again



One thought on “Dear Google nexus7

  1. Leo Field

    this is a cringe-worthy ad, just went to a music festival and that was also about getting away from technology, it annoys me when the opposite is argued!


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