Dear Tumi

Dear Tumi,

Thank you for 10 or so years of impeccable service – the practical durability of your Alpha attache-style briefcase continues to serve me dutifully, day-in-day-out.


But now – and with a heavy heart – the time has come to switch my allegiances to a different design of bag.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Or more specifically, my back.

Which selfishly fails to appreciate the Tumi Difference – your Tumi FXT Ballistic Nylon, your TUMI-patented articulating shoulder strap, your Rib-Tech padding, your TUMI Tracer feature. I could go on.

All it feels is the pain induced by my insistence of only ever carrying you over the same shoulder.

So a back-pack style laptop bag it is.

I know you do lots of fantastically designed, back-pack style laptop bags, that are replete with all the features and Reasons to Believe that add up to that Tumi Difference.

But at £445 you’re hard to justify.

You came close. Very close. But sadly, it cannot be done.


Like the recently retired England cricket captain, Andrew Strauss, it’s time to let someone else have their turn, bowing out whilst you’re pretty much at the top of your game –  with your head held high, safe in the knowledge that as you have travelled the world, you have performed pretty much faultlessly throughout. (Although there was that time when I had to take you down to Timpson to be stitched up).

So it is, that those folks at an Amazon fulfilment centre are busy getting ready to ship a considerably less costly (by a factor of more than 10) alternative brand to me.

And it was that brand’s simple 2 minute demonstration video that swung it for them against all the other candidates.

I hope that – within the week – I’ll be thanking that brand, rather than regretting that I didn’t just take the financial hit and stick with what I knew.

We shall see.

Thanks again Tumi – we’ve been through a lot together…


PS – I must also thank Paul Walton – the king of luggage (and all other gadgetry) – who generously loaned you to me in the first place.


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