Dear Halifax

Dear Halifax,

Thank you for the latest addition to your “People who give you extra” proposition – the Home Finder App…And thanks for your  highly insightful ad telling us about it:

I just love the way you’ve unlocked and brought to life insights around the property viewing process. All the highs, the optimism & hopes contrasted with the lows, the hazards, the disappointments & depression.

And I love the way you’ve managed to represent different estate agent typologies: The “knows it’s awful but shows it to you anyway”; The “pushy creep”; The “badly organised” (i.e. let’s you show yourself around without checking whether the current occupier is in the shower).

The App looks like it’s really clever, but I suspect it won’t be long before the likes of Primelocation and Rightmove get in on the augmented reality act (if indeed they haven’t already).

But I bet they’re green with envy that you have managed to find such a powerful insight (finding a new home is awful until it’s brilliant) around which to build your communication.

And thank you for keeping on the Halifax choir – you’ve invested so much in building it as an element of your brand equity, creating the memory structure, over recent years, that it would have been a shame to throw it away.

Howard & friends was insightful in a different (more intrusive, more in your face and 100 times more annoying) but brilliant (distinctiveness, employee engagement – everyone’s got potential as a singer like on Pop-Idol / X-Factor) kind of way.

But I think this new direction works so much better.



PS – And thank you for reminding me that (hopefully) it’s going to a looooong while before I have to start looking for a new home – especially if the planning regs carry on in the direction they’re heading


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