Dear Case Logic

Dear Case Logic,

Thank you for your Laptop Backpack – so far an excellent replacement for my brilliant (but bad for my back) Tumi Alpha Briefcase.

We haven’t known each other for long enough for us to have developed the depth of relationship that I had with my Tumi, but early indications are that your Laptop Backpack is going to make a reliable and honest companion.

Sure, the Backpack doesn’t have the extensive features and pockets of my Tumi, nor the Reasons to Believe (as expressed in The Tumi Difference), but it’s fair to say that, although I liked the idea of the Tumi FXT Ballistic Nylon, it’s not something that I’m really missing.

And thank you for managing my expectations – your demonstration video (integrated on your website, via YouTube) gave me the confidence to pick you over your competitors, because I knew almost exactly what I was getting.

I buy loads of stuff – in fact as much stuff as I possibly can – online, and I just love products with a demo. I pity the actors who have to do the same thing over and over again, but I love the demos.

Thanks Case Logic and looking forward to the years to come.



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