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Dear Carlton Draught

Dear Carlton Draught,

Thank you for “beer chase” – what a hoot!

The slow-mo San Francisco jumps made me laugh out loud.

I could enter into a debate (with myself) about advertising vs. entertainment and questioning whether in fact all you’ve done is sponsor some highly entertaining film-making.

But 3.5m+ hits on YouTube – and the product being present throughout – make for fairly compelling evidence not to go there.

Thanks again.



Dear Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares

Dear Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares,

Thank you for the glorious irreverence of “It’s all lies – they’re not even square!”

It makes me smile to think of a trendily-bespectacled, skinny-jeaned agency “creative” spinning around in their be-chromed desk chair, Rice Krispie Square in hand, sharpened pencil and blank A3 pad on their desk for hours and hours…before their moment of epiphany.

Entertaining or humorous communication that’s inspired by a product truth – or untruth in your case – is always strangely pleasing.

Isn’t it great when you’re wrestling with a brand and something that’s previously been hidden becomes the blindingly obvious?

And thanks for taking things to the next level with your cinema spot:

And this is even better.

Please, please, please tell me that you’ve some footage of someone licking their screen. Please!

Thanks again


Dear Southern Comfort

Dear Southern Comfort,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for Whatever’s Comfortable.

It’s glorious:

Thank you for demonstrating that your communication target/occasion do not need to be the same as your user target/occasion.

It makes perfect sense for brands to reflect the types of people that currently do, or they want to, buy their products in their advertising.

Know that it’s mums that are likely to buy the brand over the Xmas period?

Better show some heroic mums in the advertising, to attract even more of them, right?

Right. Excellent stuff.

Although for my money, Morrisons, with their tongue firmly in cheek, have got it more right than Asda.

But coming back to you Southern Comfort.

Thank you for not showing a group of sexy young things being sexy and comfortable in each other’s company, in comfy sexy clothes, on a really comfy sofa being served by some dishy chap looking really comfortable.

Thank you for avoiding the cliche described above.

Unlike your colleagues over at Tia Maria.

I don’t know, perhaps you are trying to attract more out-of-shape middle-aged men fond of wearing tighties to use the brand whilst they’re down at the beach.

But you’re also doing a great job of appealing to people who are – or want to be perceived to be – confident, self-assured, comfortable in their own skin, unpretentious, un-vain, un-bling…and as such 100x “cooler” than a bunch of beautiful 20-somethings in a trendy bar.

Whatever’s comfortable. Yes indeed.

Thanks again.


Dear Chanel

Dear Chanel,

Thank you for prompting me to check my irony-radar and for confirming, after a third viewing, that it does not require recalibration.

Not even a hint of irony from Brad.

Not a flicker.

Which makes it all the more astonishing.

Well I’m sure he smells lovely…not that he needs to of course, as Shania Twain aside, I’m not convinced that his smelling nice would be the deciding factor for most ladies.

I can only assume that neither you Chanel, nor Brad Pitt, have seen Zoolander:

Moisture is indeed the essence of wetness.

Thanks again.