Dear Carlton Draught

Dear Carlton Draught,

Thank you for “beer chase” – what a hoot!

The slow-mo San Francisco jumps made me laugh out loud.

I could enter into a debate (with myself) about advertising vs. entertainment and questioning whether in fact all you’ve done is sponsor some highly entertaining film-making.

But 3.5m+ hits on YouTube – and the product being present throughout – make for fairly compelling evidence not to go there.

Thanks again.



2 thoughts on “Dear Carlton Draught

  1. Al McCausland

    Hi Ned, glad you like Beer Chase, and thanks for saying thanks. I have the good fortune of managing Carlton Draught so appreciate your feedback. To help you with your internal argument with yourself regarding advertsing vs entertainment, the good news is we have ensured we’ve hit the sweet spot of doing both. From a pre-launch testing point of view (qual and Link) as well as post tracking, this campaign delivers incredible strong branding results. Importantly the focus on branding throughout every scene, the work on semiotics and paying credit to past campaigns such as Big Ad, there is strong cut through and branding. So it proves that when done right, you can do advertising and entertaining at the same time. Thanks again for the feedback.

    1. Ned Colville (Director, Brand Fruition) Post author

      Hi Al,

      Thanks for the message and I’m delighted to hear that you are indeed hitting the advertising vs entertainment sweet spot. Result!

      Whenever I see an ad that’s truly entertaining – such as Beer Chase – instinctively I ask my self whether it’s really doing a job for the brand or just whether it’s just sponsored entertainment…given that the sweetspot is much sought after, but sadly pretty rare.

      With your Carlton Draught pint (brand) woven into the narrative (entertainment) from start to finish (entertainment sponsors tend to just tag themselves on at the end), you’re hitting that sweetspot cleaner than Ricky Ponting on a sunny day in Hobart.

      Hope your innovation pipeline is in as good shape as your brand – if not, give me a call!



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