Dear Lacoste

Lacoste LogoDear Lacoste,

Thank you for your Eau de Lacoste ad and for giving us a lesson in how to maximise the brand assets that you’re famous for – in your case, the classic Lacoste polo shirt.

Amongst the sea of festive perfume nonsense – see Chanel here – you’re a shining light, and who can resist a bit of Old Skool hip hop as given to us by Grandmaster Flash?


Dior Logo


A special mention in dispatches should also go to Dior.

Bringing Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe back to life is impressive enough, but the casting of Charlize Theron, the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles as the set and deeply exciting soundtrack by Gossip, make for glamour that even has me considering a trip to the perfume counter in Boots on Christmas Eve.

Thanks again



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