Dear Fosters

Fosters Logo

Dear Fosters,

Thank you for summing yourself up with glorious simplicity…”You little ripper”, indeed:

Thank you for the church bell tolling.

Thank you for the envious adam’s apple.

Thank you for the half drunk but unwanted warm-beer.

And, thank you for reminding us of the glorious refreshment of a pint.

Pint of Fosters

OK, I don’t want a pint right now, it being a cold and grey Tuesday afternoon, but next time it’s hot and I’m in the pub…

And finally, thank you for staying true to, with a twist, your leading men Brad and Dan (recast as William and Ralph Foster) and the “Good Call” strapline. Consolidating but evolving the brand memory structure makes for excellent work in my book…I thank you for your past efforts here

Thanks again



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