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Dear Renault

Renault - Drive the Change

Dear Renault,

Thank you bringing our attention to the new Renault Clio, in not one, but two, beautifully conceived and executed pieces of channel-specific communication.

1) A masterful cinematic traditional ad for the “big screen” (which most of have at home these days)

2) Some delightful experiential online ads (for the small but ever-growing screens of our web-enabled “personal devices”)

I love them both.

Thank you for the Beautiful Mind style conspiracy theorist’s layer. And thank you for the French accents. J’adore ca.

Thank you for the Va-Va Voom button. And thank you for Papa & Nicole. Brand memory appropriately jogged and reaffirmed.

The longer versions of the online ads are worth a look if you’ve got a spare moment.

OK, so it’s all getting a bit messy – ¬†am I not Forgetting the first time, reigniting my Va-Va Voom or Driving the change?

The positioning purist in me might be inclined to suggest that things are somewhat “partout le magasin”, but frankly we get the message…there’s a new Clio out and it’s pretty awesome.

Thanks Renault.

I’m as grateful – in a different way – as I was when I thanked you here for The Megane Project.





Dear Ram

Ram Logo

Dear Ram,

Thank you for bringing Paul Harvey’s 1978 “So God Made a Farmer” speech to my attention – my latent respect for farmers has been restored to the forefront of my consciousness.

Which no doubt is why your Superbowl ad from a few months back is so mesmerising:

Wouldn’t work in Devon. Simply brilliant on the Prairie.

“To the Farmer in all of us” is relevant to any American who has spent even the smallest amount of energy looking after a pet (tending the livestock) or gardening (tilling the land). Which is loads of people. Of any or no religion.

I like that.

Thanks again