Dear Renault

Renault - Drive the Change

Dear Renault,

Thank you bringing our attention to the new Renault Clio, in not one, but two, beautifully conceived and executed pieces of channel-specific communication.

1) A masterful cinematic traditional ad for the “big screen” (which most of have at home these days)

2) Some delightful experiential online ads (for the small but ever-growing screens of our web-enabled “personal devices”)

I love them both.

Thank you for the Beautiful Mind style conspiracy theorist’s layer. And thank you for the French accents. J’adore ca.

Thank you for the Va-Va Voom button. And thank you for Papa & Nicole. Brand memory appropriately jogged and reaffirmed.

The longer versions of the online ads are worth a look if you’ve got a spare moment.

OK, so it’s all getting a bit messy –  am I not Forgetting the first time, reigniting my Va-Va Voom or Driving the change?

The positioning purist in me might be inclined to suggest that things are somewhat “partout le magasin”, but frankly we get the message…there’s a new Clio out and it’s pretty awesome.

Thanks Renault.

I’m as grateful – in a different way – as I was when I thanked you here for The Megane Project.





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