Dear Swatch

Swatch Logo

Dear Swatch,

Thank you for being a brand that is genuinely – and I mean actually, properly, really, stuff-the-rest-of-you-wannabes – entitled to call itself innovative.

Classic Swatch

99% of brands aspire to be innovative and many of those make the pointless error of putting the innovative word on their brand definition format, often more out of hope (if I say it enough times, it will come true) and corporate wishful thinking than any real inherent innovative DNA.

But you Swatch – The Second Watch. No. You, you’re different.

No doubt you have flinched at the minor inaccuracies of the countless case studies that have been written about you over the years, but what a complement it must be to have people describing you in such flattering terms – the saviour of the Swiss Watch industry, no less – over and over again. 350million units sold and counting. Wow.

Thank you for taking the fight back to the rampaging Asian digital offerings back in 1983…they were doing some pretty funky things back then.

Casio Calculator Watch

Thank you for being a brand of my childhood. My first Swatch was acquired c.1987…still works perfectly today and has been joined by an eBay-fuelled set of companions.

Thank you for staying on the innovation treadmill, producing new and different collections every year: Maxi Swatch, Pop Swatch, Scuba, Chrono, Automatic, Loomi, AquaChrono, Irony, Solar, Access, Skin, Irony Scuba, .beat, Fun Scuba, Fun Boarder, Swatch Jelly in Jelly, Swatch Chrono Plastic.


Thank you for being collectable…as it happens around 95% of your watches are not right for me – but 5% are (the dark, non brightly coloured ones) – and that still gives me loads and loads to choose from.

Thank you for being innovative in everything you do – packaging, retail, limited editions, collaborations, associations. And yet remaining true to your core – a relatively inexpensive fashion watch that you can wear to reflect your mood or say something about yourself.

These days Apple, Innocent, Netflix and Method are the knee-jerk case studies – but what about you? Has there ever been a more innovative category rule-breaking brand? The perfect case study.

Thanks again



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