Dear vision express


Dear vision express,

Thank you for working in collaboration with a celebrity…as opposed to just using their image in the hope that some of their kudos will rub-off on you.

Spot him? He was in there. Near the beginning. Your brand ambassador.

Nice, light touch that.

It would have been so easy to think: Who’s a famous glasses wearer? Ah yes. Heston Blumenthal! Let’s do a deal with his agent, bung him some dosh and get him to wear some of our glasses in an ad. Job done.

But you’ve been so much smarter than that.

He’s baked-in. He’s part of the brand. He’s one of you. His creativity and innovation are your creativity and innovation.

People are fed up with contractually obliged disinterested celebrities faking their brand loyalty. We all know that they’re doing it for the cash. And we’ve all got used to it. It’s OK. Even if it does make us feel like mugs.

The difference between your relationship with Heston and Santander’s recent “effort” with Jenson Button, Rory Mcllroy and Jessica Ennis is inspiring and depressing in equal measure…

Now I suspect that Santander is trying to be ironic. Rather than have celebrities act appallingly badly, why not have them deliver their lines in such a wooden and dead-pan fashion that there can be no mistake that they’re doing it on purpose?

(Was this a hasty creative change once Jenson, Rory and Jessica appeared on set and their limited acting talents became apparent? Actually I think Jessica’s interpretation is pretty good…which cannot be said for the other two)

Viewed through that lens, the Santander ad is quite funny. But I’m not sure people will pick up on the irony if it’s intended. They’ll just think that Santander is the bank that spends loads of money on celebrities because they’ve got loads and the boss likes Formula1 and Golf…and feels like he should balance things up by having a woman in there too.

Think the irony-radar may also have been faulty when this was made, but it’s a good laugh.

Well, they were only just out of the ’80s I suppose.

Thanks again



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