Dear Wickes


Dear Wickes,

Thank you for taking a near perfect and insightful product concept (for Ultra Gold Screws) and turning it into a beautifully executed advert that’s wonderfully nuanced in terms of its targeting and that celebrates the emotional benefit (i.e. pride) around which you’re building your brand.

Thank you for your insight (“We know when you take pride in your work. It’s the details that make the difference”) which demonstrates your deep understanding of your target consumers.

It would have be so tempting to have gone down the road of a self-fulfilling product insight (e.g. “Isn’t it annoying when your screws don’t go in smoothly?) but you’ve gone for a brand and category insight that operates at a level above the product category. Bravo!

Thank you for successfully targeting both tradesmen and keen DIY-ers. Fundamentally, both groups want to do a job that they’re proud of, although for Tradesmen there’s the added incentive of wanted to be paid and recommended whilst for DIY-ers there’s the satisfaction and economic advantage in not having to call in a Tradesman.  You manage to tick both boxes especially with the line “A range of screws, fit for professionals”.

Thank you for your product description – lots of lovely benefits and Reasons to Believe in there. And for visualising both the insight and the benefits so beautifully. Accuracy and precision like that is what every tradesmen and DIY-er aspires to.

Although you’ve done it before, so it’s no real surprise.

I love the close up shots. The dust. The pencil. The Chisel. The drill.

Just as M&S did to food a few years back – with their much parodied food-porn ads (It’s not just food, this is M&S food) – you’ve turned DIY into an object of visual desire, something to be admired, celebrated, ogled. Something to be proud of – i.e. playing right into the sweetspot of your brand positioning…(we’re proud to put) our name on it.

Personally I think that M&S’ recent food work is a vast improvement as it has the same emotional out-take but without the overt Nigella-style food-pornification element…and the scope to be parodied so extensively.

Thanks again Wickes



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