Dear Costa Coffee


Dear Costa Coffee,

Thank you for your Coffee Coolers. I laugh in the face of an un-air-conditioned office when you’re just across the road, churning out these gorgeous grown-up slush-puppies.

Costa coffee coolers

Now I’m guessing that the weather impacts on your sales and that generally your core business (cups of coffee) dips a little over the summer. So what a fantastic product to be able to offer your consumers when the sun is shining.

I can almost see your needs map right now with Coffee Coolers proudly occupying one corner of the map, with the rest of your product portfolio deployed against the axes in a highly satisfactory manner.

But where to next? Where’s the white space Costa? Time for a new, broader map?

And thank you for your head-bopping ad from last year.

Attention-grabbing and catchy.

Or in marketing-speak, differentiated and memorable.

And what’s not to love about synchronised head-bopping?

Thanks again



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