Dear Apple

Apple Logo

Dear Apple, 

Thank you for demonstrating that marketing is a tightrope, that the lines between getting it right and wrong are so fine that even so-called “great” brands blunder from time to time. 

A few months ago you came out with this brilliant and visually mesmerising piece:

The very clear out-take being that you put people at the heart of your design process. Which is good. And does well to counter-act the somewhat curious and self-referential Designed by Apple in California strapline that you’ve adopted. (Sure, people care about the provenance of their food, but do they really care where their phone is from? Maybe they do, but I for one don’t) 

But now you’ve come out with this, which may well be representative of real consumer behaviour, but it feels contradictory and pretty depressing to be honest:

As Mark Watson states in his blog titled In 20 years, We’re All Going to Realise This Apple Ad is nuts, you appear to be encouraging people to choose the “experience of their products over the experience of other people” and you even go on to say that it’s your “products, not the lives they serve, are what matters.”

But I thought it was all about the people, and the products were just a means to an end? People matter, products just help, right? 

No doubt you’ll sort it out, but thanks for showing that it ain’t easy to be brilliant all of the time.

Thanks again 




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