Dear Smyths

Smyths Logo

Dear Smyths,

Thank you for breaking the mould and doing something different.

Toy advertising – of which I am not a fan in principle, but have seen a fair amount of recently thanks to Channel 5’s Milkshake – is so samey, so formulaic and let’s face it, so nauseating, that when you popped onto our screen on Saturday morning with something that was different, I actually watched for the entire 60 seconds.


My instinctive response to 99% of toy adverts is a straight ‘no’, thereby maintaining my idealised vision of myself and our children as not the weak-minded types that resort or succumb to pester-power (which of course is not the case, but it helps to pull the wool over one’s own eyes from time to time).

But because you did something different, because you didn’t try to win me over with the sickening glaze of pink sparkles, glitter and girls with bunches bleating “Oh yeah! in American accents that my daughter loves but I hate, you’re now in my consideration set.

Well, I say that. On account of this ad, I’ll be more than likely visit your website at some point in mid-December. Which I guess is, for you, a result.

Thanks again



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