Dear Adobe

Adobe Logo

Dear Adobe,

Thank you for finally demonstrating why you might be useful to me. I mean actually useful.

And thank you for giving me a good laugh too…whilst showing us the power of story-telling within an ad.


Up until now, my sentiments towards you have been perfectly summed up by a simple infographic I stumbled upon on one of my favourite blogs: ilovecharts

Time Spent with Adobe

(Sadly I don’t have the link to the original blog so thank you to whomsoever created this clever little chart.)

But now that I have a more than passing interest in eCommerce (thesnoozery), and now that I’ve seen your new ad dramatising your potential benefits (or rather the risks of not using you – or someone like you), I’m beginning to think that the time spent with update requests and restarting might be time well spent.

Thanks again





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