Thank you for combining both “consumer truths” and “creativity” into the same, utterly brilliant, communications idea.

I challenge readers not to watch through to the very end of this YouTube compilation of your “Get rid of cable and upgrade to DIRECTV” campaign:

Thank you for starting with a consumer truth – “When you pay too much for cable…” – but then immediately switching into creative mode – “…you start to throw things”.

The majority of people would probably be slightly peeved, rather than actually throw things, at a high cable bill, however they can empathise with the possibility that they might throw something. It’s a very clever conceit, especially as it builds and crescendos towards disaster.

And thank you for continuing in this vein throughout each of the ads – the flip-flopping between the truths and consequential leaps of logic is not only arresting (what’s going to happen next?) but also highly amusing.

I’ve no idea how effective this campaign has been for you (awards don’t count by the way – you’ve actually got to shift more units for it to have been properly effective) but thanks for giving me a right laugh over here in Blighty.

Thank you again



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