Dear VW

VW Logo

Dear VW,

Thank you for embracing a perfect slice of 80s kitsch with your recent ad from the States, inspired by A-ha. As a child of the 80s, the visual reminder (I’ve heard the song countless times on the radio since the 80s, but not seen the video) makes me smile:

In general, “commentators” seem to be be a bit down on retro stuff, with the latest wave of 80s nostalgia getting it in the neck from many quarters…

But I never understand why…

People – i.e. real people out there in the real world, not those that sit at laptops dreaming up articles and news “features” – love a bit of nostalgia.

It makes us feel good to reflect on the past and reignite those positive feelings and memories.

So why knock it?

I suppose that it could be argued that nostalgia and all things retro lack dynamism, modernity and a sense of progression.

But there’s loads of that going on. All around us. All the time.

Why not just enjoy both?


Anyway, thanks to you VW, and thanks also to The Why Factor, my current favourite podcast from BBC World Service – the edition on Nostalgia is well worth a listen…

Thanks again



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