Dear Westjet


Dear Westjet,

Thank you for making me smile with your Christmas Miracle video.

OK, so some of the editing and voice-over are way too schmaltzy for me, and at over 5 mins the clip might be excessively long to maximise full viral potential, but the warm fuzzy feeling you’ve created helps me (and the 6m YouTubers who have seen it since launch 2 days ago) to get over that.

And whilst I’m on the topic of Xmas ads, 2013 has been a bumper crop. Some great, some not so good.

Personally, this ad doesn’t do it for me.

I do like the backing track and admire the connection with past John Lewis Christmas ads: Music style (acoustic covers of well-known tunes); Focus on the giver not the receiver and the climax to the product “reveal” (clock / scarf) at the end.

But it took me a while to “get it” – I think probably because it didn’t do enough to make me pay attention the first few times I saw it.

Lots of people, including my wife who described it as her “favourite advert EVER”, seem to love it (although on questioning, she didn’t get it at first either). So nice one John Lewis.

M&S: whevs. Although Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is certainly somewhat arresting. As is David Gandy, so my sofa (life) companion tells me.

Cadbury’s: I actively dislike this one. I know it’s supposed to be Joyful, but frenzied, manic and at times aggressive tearing off of wrapping paper on Christmas Day – as depicted here – fills me with total dread and I will be doing everything in my power to make sure that this is not a behaviour my children adopt in a fortnight’s time.

Tesco: Isn’t that basically what John Lewis did with Always a Woman a few years ago? Although they did it better.

But the one that has really caught my attention is the Sainsbury’s ad.

Technically it’s very similar to the Tesco ad in its home-videoy-ness. But it’s more humorous. It’s more real. And it’s more engaging.

But it’s that final scene when the Dad comes in through the door, returning from Afghanistan that really pulls on the heart-strings.

Mild blubbing – and a Sainsbury’s online order – ensued in our household.

Thanks again everyone and Happy Christmas.



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