Dear Aerolatte

Aerolatte Logo

Dear Aerolatte,

Thank you for your “world-famous, award-winning, best-selling, original steam-free milk frother” – it’s making my new-for-February-waste-fewer-resources-i.e.-time-and-money-at-Costa initiative a deliciously satisfying synch.

AerolatteThank you for being a stand out example of kitchen-gadgetry.

I love kitchen gadgets because two things that I enjoy experiencing – genuine innovation (i.e. the solution to an unsatisfactorily met need) and design (mechanical, ergonomic and aesthetic) – so regularly come together in a highly pleasing fashion.  Just take apple corers…

Apple Corer

apple corer 2 apple-slicer-corer

Of course, many kitchen gadgets fail to live up to their promise and are in the back of the cupboard before you can say “Yes chef” – but a quick inspiration-safari to a Kitchenware store before an ideation workshop never fails to deliver a couple of starter-for-10 ideas.

Thanks again Aerolatte – yummy and Costa-busting frothy decafs all round!




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