Dear Cobra


Dear Cobra,

Thank you for demonstrating the potential risks of failing to keep things simple…your latest piece of communication – “The Boss” – crams so many different ideas into 60 seconds that this viewer at least, is left dazed and confused.

So firstly there’s The Boss himself.

Cobra - The Boss

Although he’s remarkably similar to the other impossibly smooth, classic car-driving, mysterious and dishy types who find time in their playboy lifestyles to represent Stella Cidre and Heineken, he’s a nicely ironic / tongue-in–cheek manifestation of the “smoothness” that no doubt sits at the centre of whatever brand format shape Molson Coors uses.

Then there’s the Boss’s entrepreneurial spirit and the play on words that creates the his by-day and by-night business interests – Cobra making beer and BraCo making Bras.

Personally I think it’s a pretty poor conceit (the “creative’s eureka moment would have been a head-in-hands moment for me), but I can understand how you got to it. Sure there’s some ironic kitsch in the comparison which is mildly amusing and titillating, but it all feels a little forced to me.

Cobra - BraCo

And then, if we weren’t confused enough, by way of conclusion, there’s still time for us to peek in on The Boss’s black-tie / casino / yoga lifestyle, and to be informed that he’s living the dream.

Oh and let’s not forget the product story part (swirly tubes, bloke with tweezers, “outrageously complex recipe”)  that’s thrown in there for good measure too.

Technically, it hangs together – The Boss remains smooth despite the complexity of his success…just like Cobra beer – but all thrown into the blender at once is too much for me.

I do like “smoothness” as a rich and interesting brand idea, but for me this ad is too much. Ironically humourous it may be, but there’s too much going on. Too many mixed messages. Too many ideas crammed into too short a space of time.

Quotes in the marketing press reveal that “there’s more to come” and I look forward to seeing how The Boss develops over time, as I believe he’s got lots of potential to help the brand with its strategically necessary mission to escape the curry house.

But please.

One. Thing. At a time.

Thanks again





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