Dear Amazon

Dear Amazon,

Thank you for changing the way we watch TV. The re-invention of any category for the benefit of the consumer is always highly pleasing to see.

Not only do we get to watch what we want, when we want, but we also now get to choose what gets made? Wow.

More prison-escape stuff please. Fewer vampires. If you don’t mind.

In fact hang-on.

Your taking this “tailored-for-me” thing to a whole new level. I can get my very own show made too?


Also, thanks for reminding me of the principle that brand architecture should help your consumers and hinder your competitors.

I get it that the natural tendency when innovating and creating new categories is to create new brands – or sub-brands in your case – to show that you’ve got something new.

For sure, you need a signpost to the shiny new toy. But right now, I’m just a little bit confused.

Whereas over on the other channel – who I should also be thanking in the same way I’m thanking you – I pretty much know what’s what.

Thanks again.




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