Dear Marmite

Marmite - Moustache - PolarisingDear Marmite,

Thank you for allowing me to indulge in a spot of flippancy with your #LoveItHateItNameIt personalised pot promotion.

It turns out that moustaches, like you, are polarising.

Marmite - LoveitHateitPersonaliseitThank you for reminding me that polarisation is a good thing, to be sought and championed, at the expense of lowest common denominator positioning which, by seeking to appeal to everybody, ends up failing to motivate anybody.

For brands, the middle-ground is often the most treacherous. No danger for you, as featured in a previous blog here.

I should also acknowledge the wise-words of a former client, Alan Martin, who once told me, “When you hear the word “polarising” in a debrief, sit up and listen…because something interesting is going on.” Amen.

Marmite Limited EditionsAnd thank you for not only being the kings of limited edition innovation, but also senior royalty when it comes to licensing. Where others talk, it appears that you do.

Low cost, incremental, big impact, new-news. Lovely.

Marmite Rice CakesThanks again

Ned –

(Only 5 days to go!)


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